My Personal Bathmate Journey

Thanks for checking out my progress site! You know, I’ve read a few other progress logs and forum threads online by guys using the Bathmate Hydromax. Some of them good, and some pretty awful. I thought it would be a great idea to write my own here and share all my successes and failures using the pump over a few months.

I have been using a different penis pump for a while already, and I have gotten used to using it. But, I really want to start getting some great results with the Hydromax and that’s what I’ll be documenting here.

A Little Background

Just to give you some background, I did first try using Jelqing techniques I learned on a couple of sites, but I just couldn’t get on with that. It wasn’t the right fit for me and the limited amount of time I have during the day. So, I started using a basic pump for a short while, but I was reading about all these guys that are using the Hydromax and loving it, I thought I should give it a try too.

If you want you can get a bit more background on me here, I’m just a normal guy really with many interests outside of penis enlargement. Feel free to hit me up and send me a message! It would be great to get some feedback on my progress log and what you think about it. One of the reasons I’m doing this log is help keep me moving forward. I can sometimes get demotivated when results don’t come steady or in good time. I guess I’m a bit impatient.

What’s In My Progress Log?

I’ll be covering some of my starting stats including BPEL, NPBEL, BEG, and FL. I think these are the most important penis measurements to take in the beginning and to keep track of throughout. I’m hoping to get some good size increases mainly in girth as I’m not far off my length goal already.

Plus, I’m gonna try and record how long I use the pump, when I move up to a longer time, if I include another other stretches or Bathmate girth blasters for example. I might even end up getting a new model at some stage. To start with I’m using the standard X30 pump without the extra air ball. But, I’m thinking of getting the next size up – X40 in either standard or Xtreme. I’ll see how I feel about that nearer the time.

Anyway, I’ll get started with the first log soon and I’ll be posting as often as I think I’ve got something worth reporting. Start reading at the Read Paul’s Log link here!


Paul ‘The Slidell Sentry’ Wade