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So, you really want to learn about female ejaculation?

No problem! Here you will find some tips about the female anatomy and how to stimulate it properly.

Remember that you have to take some time to learn the techniques and you'll do just fine!

making a girl squirt is easy There are all kinds of view points about female ejaculation and if it is really possible. It's strange how it's still a slightly taboo subject considering how many women can, and have squirted before. Yep, that's right folks - it is possible for most women to ejaculate if they are stimulated in the correct way. Here I'll give some tips on how to make a girl squirt step by step.

What Is Female Ejaculate?

This fluid, sometimes called prostatic fluid, comes from what is considered to be the female equivalent of the prostate gland. It is a harmless secretion similar to seminal fluid that men produce. It is not urine which is a very common misconception! It's not exactly clear why women are able to have a squirting orgasm, but sadly it's something that not very women have ever experienced before.

So Exactly How Do You Make A Girl Squirt Anyway?

Well, this is not entirely straightforward. In fact, it can be rather difficult to give a girl this kind of orgasm if she has never experienced it before. The first step is to warm her up with a lot of foreplay. This includes kissing, touching, caressing, talking dirty, and being very sensual. Most women need a lot of foreplay to become truly aroused - both physical and mental.

Make Her Relaxed And Comfortable

Once you are both in the mood and have had at least 15 minutes of foreplay, it's time to make her feel relaxed and comfortable. Lay her down on the bed, putting a towel underneath her is also a good idea. She has to be totally comfortable with you and trust you or else she'll be too tense to let herself go. She has to lose herself with you and really get into the moment. It will help a lot if you have had sex together before and know each other well.

Get To Work And Give Her An Orgasm

The next step is to give her a clitoral orgasm. You could do this using your fingers if she enjoys that (make sure she is very wet first though or use a lubricant), but most women prefer oral stimulation. Go down on her and use your tongue on her clitoris in a steady up and down rhythm. Usually a woman will reach orgasm after about 10 minutes or so.

Okay, We're Going In!

After she has orgasmed at least once, it's time to enter her vagina with your finger. Again, make sure she is very wet, relaxed, and in the mood. Keep up the kissing and touching. Gently slide your index finger into her vagina about two inches deep (around the second knuckle on your finger). Push it upwards to the top wall of her vagina and start to rub the area with your finger.

You need to find a rigid area that is about the size of a walnut. This is the magic area that you need to stimulate with your finger.

The G Spot

That area is commonly know as the G spot or Grafenberg spot. It can feel squishy or sometimes firmer than the surrounding vaginal wall, so try to feel a different texture. This may not be very prominent at first, but just keep rubbing the area using a medium pressure and a steady fast rhythm. After a few minutes you should feel her G spot swelling and becoming more noticeable, especially if you have already given her a clitoral orgasm.

The Come Here Motion

The best way to move your index finger inside her vagina is with a "come here" motion. It's as if you were signalling with your finger for someone to walk towards you, except you are moving it across her G spot. As she gets into it and becomes more sexually aroused, you can increase the speed a little more and press harder on the area.

Time For Two Fingers

Next step is to insert two fingers at the same time to give more contact on her special bump. Continue the speed and pressure, but also keep in mind how she is responding to you. If she is enjoying what you are doing then keep going, or if she wants it slower or harder...do it!

Squirting Orgasm!

If you keep this going for a while, the girl should reach a squirting orgasm after around twenty to thirty minutes. But, how long really depends on the girl. As she gets closer to orgasm, she will start to feel like she needs to urinate and she might tense up! Help her relax and let it go as this isn't pee, it's her ejaculate!

Some women may squirt a lot, others just a little bit. If it doesn't happen the first time that's okay. Just try and again and with practice you'll be able to have her squirting and enjoying her climax again and again.

finding the g spotThe G spot is also called the Gräfenberg Spot, and it is an area in the vagina that is bean-shaped. This spot is located about two to three inches on the anterior (front) wall of the vagina. It is spongy tissue that feels different than the other vaginal tissue because it feels rougher. The size of it can vary from dime-size to quarter-size.

The Easiest Way to Locate the G spot

This area is easier to find when a woman is very sexually aroused so foreplay is very important. Since this area is made up of erectile tissue, it will swell up when blood flows to it. To locate the spot, her partner should face her while she is on her back.

Her partner should then insert either their middle or index finger gently into her vagina all of the way. Then her partner should make a "come here" motion with their finger until they feel an area that feels rougher than other parts of the vaginal wall. This rough, slightly ridged area in the vagina is the Gräfenberg Spot.

At times, it helps if the woman's partner uses their other hand on the outside of her mons pubis (pubic mound) in order to gently massage the outside area where their inside finger is touching because this will intensify the stimulation.

Manual Stimulation

One of the best ways to manually stimulate the Gräfenberg Spot is by using a tapping motion that is firm. This provides not only motion, but also pressure on the spot and it works quite well for many women. The continual "come here" movement is another effective method because it has a rhythmic motion that is very stimulating.

Another way is to use a sex toy and there are many designed just for this kind of stimulation. The ideal ones are firm, curved and vibrate. It is best to try various angles of penetration, as well as different speeds. Keep in mind, this spot is near the vagina's entrance so there is no need for deep penetration, just some intense pressure. Different women like different types of stimulation so try a number of things to find out what she likes.

Stimulation with Sexual Intercourse

The missionary position can stimulate this spot if the woman props her hips up first with a pillow, and then places her legs on her partner's shoulders. Another position that works well is when the woman is on top of her partner, facing him. This position creates an angle for the man's penis to move against this spot. The rear entry position can be good for a woman if she has given birth vaginally because her vagina will be more flexible to receive stimulation in that area.

Finding The G Spot Gets Better with Age

Some studies have shown that a woman's G spot orgasm is affected by her estrogen levels. Many women under thirty said their clitoral orgasms were more powerful. Researchers believed this is due to their higher estrogen levels which meant their vaginal lining was too thick for them to feel their Gräfenberg Spot nerves when they were being stimulated.

Since estrogen levels start to decline in women over thirty it results in vaginal linings becoming thinner which makes the area more sensitive. Many say this is why the majority of women feel their sexual peak occurred when they were in their thirties. It is important to note that some women are not G spot sensitive and others actually feel discomfort from the stimulation.